Like in everything else nowadays, you cannot survive in a business of whatever nature or magnitude without advertising what you are selling.

It does not matter whether you are selling locally, nationally, regionally or internationally neither does it matter whether you are selling a needle or a Jumbo Jet, nor you live in an underdeveloped, developing or developed country. It all boils down to one logical business conclusion, that is, your products or services need to be known and for that matter to be known very intimately by your existing and potential customers. Remember that knowledge is power and that product knowledge is more powerful in business because it enables the consumer to be able to make rational, informed, logical and educated decisions.

Gone are the days of assuming that a “good wine needs no bush”. Due to the diversified global technological developments and the vast international market having been amalgamated into a single global village, business competition has reached cut-throat competition levels which have surpassed alarming levels.

The majority of manufacturing companies are churning out the most convenient, superior quality and more efficient products and services ever witnessed by humankind. For those backward and parasitic international companies which are still producing inferior, sub-standard and even dangerous products – the writing is on the wall – they will naturally disappear like their fellow, fake, fly-by-night companies.

Today, there are myriads of products and services that face consumers when they go out shopping in convenience stores, the malls or online, to say the least, its astounding. Hence the need and justification for an audacious, deliberate and perennial marketing policy in order to inform and educate existing and potential customers. It goes without saying that advertising, as a marketing sub-component has now than ever before, evolved into a cornerstone and foundation of all businesses, big or small, without which companies will unavoidably suffer inevitable extinction from business and be driven into oblivion.

The business solution to this status-quo of cut-throat competition, currently prevailing in the business markets is to decisively adopt a competitive, positive attitude to advertising and map out strategies of how to reach your audiences and target markets, in a cost-effective manner. Have you ever wondered why Coca-Cola is still advertising to this day, when it started advertising long before you were even born, whatever your age is.

In conclusion, therefore, when you are in business, either advertise or perish.

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Gone are the days when one would say “A Good Wine Needs No Bush” That’s Why, Coca-Cola, of all Companies in the world, is still advertising to this day




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