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Stand Out From The Crowd

If you happen to be in business and you are not well conversant with the 4 P’s of Marketing, then you are likely to dismally fail, sooner rather than later. The 4 P’s are the traditional and universal cornerstones of Marketing, in modern day business, which are inextricably interconnected related. In Marketing, for anything you are selling to be highly competitive, in any given market, it must be, the right Product or service, being offered in the right Place, selling at the right Price, using the right Promotion. In this marketing tip, I am solely going to dwell on Promotion, which is an equally significant component of the 4 P’s of the Marketing Mix When you offer products on the market, you must ensure that you adequately educate your target market so that your products will become very intimately known and easily identifiable by your customers, from a myriad of other comp…
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