ZimMarket Classifieds Group Is A Global Network of Online Classifieds Websites


ZimMarket Classifieds Group Is A Global Network of Online Classifieds Websites, one of which is Zimbabwe Market or simply ZimMarket. ZimMarket Online Classifieds website is one of the few pioneer classifieds websites in Zimbabwe and is currently the second largest online classifieds group in the Zimbabwe. ZimMarket Classifieds Group offers online advertising space at very competitive market prices to businesses and individuals alike.

In the past few years, we have been promoting ZimMarket Classifieds Group websites to the extent that there are a name to reckon with both in Zimbabwe and elsewhere. We recently added to the family of ZimMarket Classifieds Group,  www.1usaclassifieds.com , www.1torontoclassifieds.com for Zimbabwean businesses like Hotels, Guest Houses, Budget Apartments etc who would like to market / advertise their services in Canada.  During this month of January 2022, We have already added another classifieds website in USA specifically to cater for the American market, for the benefit of Zimbabwean businesses who are in the export Business.

At ZimMarket we are wholeheartedly committed to serve businesses by supporting their overall marketing strategies through our deliberate, sustained and aggressive promotion of our clients’ companies’ products and services. Through the implementation of our robust Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, our clients products and services will always enjoy the highest ranking in Search Engine results regardless of the Search Engine that you elect to use, Yahoo, Google , Bing etc .

We are currently running a 180 days Free Advertising promotion from the day you commit yourself to advertise with us, During that period, you may post any number of Adverts without limit and at no charge. For details please contact Mr Makore , for those in Zimbabwe and Mr Masuka for those based in Canada and America  :  see below for contact details

Below is a list of ZimMarket Online Classifieds Websites and contact details






Marketing Director : Kennedy Makore Tel +263-772422582, 011-263-712376348,  

”Linking Buyers To Sellers Is Our Business”