Dazzling advertising messages which permanently leave a lifetime imprint in peoples memories

Dazzling advertising messages which permanently leave a lifetime imprint in peoples memories.

In the case of a brand new product or service that you are offering to the market, it is ideally, most logical and prudent, to accompany that product or service with an objective, educative, memorable and informative sales message, based on facts and figures. This type of information is aimed at informing both current and potential users, about not only what the product or service offers but also how differently it benefits its users compared with existing ones offered by your competitors.

The areas to capitalize on are, how your product or service provides superior benefits than that of your competitors. A good marketing message which I have in mind here, is the one which used to feature every Sunday morning, on ZBC Radio 2 program. I do not how many of you still remember one of Zimbabwe’s best marketing legend, Mr Paul Mukondo and his promotional program for his Insurance products “Mari ne hupenyu hwevanhu”  “Hupenyu Wenyu idambudziko re Moyo wangu” accompanied by the OK Success band’s very famous song, Itayi Centi Centi vakomana, ini ndachona” .

These well-thought out and momentous touching messages, have a tendency to permanently embed in peoples minds for a lifetime. This is the reason why marketing messages used in advertising must be properly planned, worded, tested and presented in order to build, maintain and sustain perennial brand loyalty like that which is enjoyed by Coca Cola the world over.

Last but not least the product or service must deliver what is claimed of it, quality, quality, quality. It also does not matter whether it comes from the North, East or West, as long as it passes the Test.

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Gone are the days when one would say “A Good Wine Needs No Bush” That’s Why, Coca-Cola, of all Companies in the world, is still advertising to this day




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