August 2021 Newsletter – Does stress make us fat? BY DR. JERRY J. MASARIRA, NATUROPATH D. CBIS.


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The standard problems of developed countries are overeating and stress. Food is readily available, but it is mostly junk and under nourishment foods. Stress is part of survival, because of maintaining, or trying to achieve a certain lifestyle. There is a relationship between stress, cortisol and being overweight or obese. The relationship is caused by a hormone Insulin. We associate insulin problems with diabetes, because it regulates blood sugar levels. Insulin also get fat stored in our fat cells, Adipose tissues. It gets sugar stored in our liver and muscle cells, as Glycogen. It gets amino acids directed towards protein synthesis (muscle building) As indicated above, Insulin can be regarded as STORAGE hormone for helping the body putting all these great sources of energy away in their respective places for use later. There is a unique experience for the body when it is going through stress. The body sends information via cortisol as, “there is no more energy stored” The effect of this message will shut off responsiveness of cells to the storage effects of insulin. When cells stop responding to insulin, they switch from a storage mode, anabolic, (building) to secretion mode, catabolic (breaking down) mode. Fat cells then dump more fat into the system. Liver will give more glucose and muscle cells will allow their protein to be broken down to supply amino acids to be converted into even more sugar by the liver. The problem is when the cells ignore insulin on a regular basis due to STRESS, this can now lead to insulin resistance then one will develop diabetes. Stress makes one fat because of excessive secretion of key stress hormone, Cortisol. That also causes a reduction of anabolic hormones DHEA and Growth Hormone. That combination of high cortisol and low DHEA, causes the body to store fat, lose muscles, slowing metabolism, and then increased appetite. When you are stressed, the hypothalamus in the brain gets stress engines going by secreting CRH, (corticotropin releasing hormone). The CRH kills the appetite, and in a few minutes, there comes again, a rise in cortisol which will then stimulates appetite. This makes one eat a lot during stress causing you increase fat. The pattern of accumulating abdominal fat during stress is similar to a disease called crushing’s syndrome. This is also characterized by extremely high cortisol levels that will then lead to a massive accumulation of abdominal fat, loss of muscle tissue in arm and legs. We have a website for you to communicate for consultations and also training you as a medical missionary. There are other services you may find useful. On the website We recorded over 100 audio weekly lessons and old monthly news-letters you might have missed from the past. Feel free to read and listen. Pass the website link to as many people as you want across the globe. If you have any questions, please contact me at: [email protected] Dr. Jerry J. Masarira, Naturopath D. CBIS. EnproConsultant and Certified Brain Injury Specialist. Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. Alt. [email protected] [email protected] Dr. Jerry J. Masarira, Naturopath D. CBIS. Enpro Consultant and Certified Brain Injury Specialist. Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. Alt. [email protected] Jerry J. Masarira [email protected]